About Shauna Wright, D.O. of BioHarmony Medical

Dr. Shauna WrightDenver Bioidentical Doctor, Shauna Wright, D.O. has been in practice for 32 years and is Board Certified in Family Practice. She chose Osteopathic Medicine due to its focus on the preventive/holistic approach for treating the patient as a whole, not just treating a disease. She received her medical degree from Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1987.

She spent her first 10 years practicing medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area and subsequently moved her practice to the Denver area in 1998. Dr. Wright lives in Evergreen, CO with her husband and two children and has been practicing medicine in the Denver area for the past 15 years.

Dr. Wright has devoted the past 16 years to furthering her education and research in the area of Restorative and Age Management Medicine (Anti-Aging Medicine), preventive care optimizing physical and mental health, performance and quality of life.

She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, (A4M), Institute of Functional Medicine, International Hormone Society, North American Menopause Society, Integrative Practitioner, and Age Management Medicine Group.

Our Philosophy

BioHarmony Medical offers patients a proactive approach to health, starting with personalized evaluations. Our safe and effective treatments are available to help men and women regain their zest for life, energy, endurance, strength, mental clarity, metabolism, sexual drive and performance.

BioHarmony Medical’s goal is to address and treat the root cause instead of treating symptoms.

At BioHarmony Medical, unlike traditional or conventional practices which serve an endless amount of patients, our medical team intentionally keeps their patient roster low. Therefore, they are freed up to treat the individual, not just quickly treat the symptoms with prescription medications designed to work for the masses.

BioHarmony Medical takes a holistic and integrated approach by treating each patient based on the individual’s body chemistry, health history and patient goals.

Our entire program is based on what your body specifically requires to achieve optimal health and wellness, while creating a preventive health plan for the future.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Review

When we first met in her Denver office three years ago, I was immediately impressed with Dr. Shauna Wright as she presented herself to be knowledgeable, concise, and pragmatic. Since that time, I have found Dr. Wright to also be respectful, kind and understanding. Her calm demeanor, ability to listen to a patient issues, and treatment plans have been right on target. I have never felt rushed through appointments and think that my questions have been thoroughly answered after every appointment.

Dr. Wright has a way of dealing with women’s issues and hormonal imbalances that differs from traditional Western Medicine. I highly value her opinion and ability to seek out solutions that many would consider to be “outside of the box”. It is this type of patient care, compassion and concern for individual needs that makes her outstanding. I have found Dr. Wright to be current and up to date with the latest in Functional Medicine theory and she is able to provide her patients with many wellness options tailored specifically to our needs. As someone who travels quite often, I appreciate Dr. Wright’s flexibility and willingness to discuss my issues over the telephone while I am waiting to board my next flight or train.

Without hesitation, I refer Dr. Wright with complete confidence, knowing that my friends and colleagues in Colorado will receive the best and accurate care possible.

Maureen F., Health Coach, Former College Professor, Health and Physical Education

Denver Bioidentical Doctor Shauna Wright D.O. at BioHarmony Medical has been treating patients for over seven years and offers personalized Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) programs.

To learn more about how the customized hormone replacement plans at BioHarmony Medical can benefit you, call Denver Bioidentical Doctor Shauna Wright today for a personalized consultation!