Frequently Asked Questions about Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Is “hormone replacement therapy” in women safe?

Bio-Identical hormone therapy with natural Estrogens and Progesterone is safe and does not have to adverse side effects of Premarin and Provera. Provera can increase the rate of breast cancer but natural Progesterone can decrease the rate 10%. The Women’s Health Initiative study show that traditional HRT with Premarin (made form pregnant mares urine) and Provera a chemically synthesized artificial progesterone) is not safe.

When can I Expect Results?

Your results will depend upon a variety of factors including your health condition at the start of the program, the treatment plan and your compliance with the program. Some people have immediate results. Others see results in a couple of weeks and others may take a few months. People often see minor ailments disappear first, then they see improvements in energy and attitude. Then they realize that others are getting sick around them and they are not.

I can’t sleep and I don’t want to take medications. How can the BioHarmony program help me?

Sleep problems are very common starting in one’s thirties. Sleep problems are early signs of changing Neurochemicals and in particular hormone changes. Common causes of sleep problems are brain chemical imbalances, hormone imbalances, stress (causing altered biochemistry) and environmental conditions detrimental to quality sleep. Usually, there are multiple causes working at the same time. The BioHarmony program measures sleep related neurotransmitters and identify the root causes of sleep issues. In most cases, sleep problems are corrected without medications.

I’m in my early 40’s. I am not experiencing hot flashes or mood swings. Should I be doing anything for pre-menopause?

Most people associate menopause with major symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings. These symptoms usually last six to twenty-four months. However, menopause typically takes about 10 years and the male counterpart takes near 20 years. Early symptoms of these conditions include weight gain, sleep disorders, and loss of libido. Additionally major diseases can start to form 10 years before hot flashes and mood swings start. It is you best time to preventatively address these diseases.

I am going through menopause and am not totally satisfied with my gynecologist. What can BioHarmony Medical offer in addition to my current doctor?

People who are still experiencing menopausal symptoms even under the supervision of a competent gynecologist usually have other system deficiencies that are outside the realm of expertise of their gynecologist. Therefore, Dr. Wright will work closely with other physicians in areas that their doctor is not proficient with. The result is a team approach that allows you to have the best of care and optimize your health now and for years to come.

Are Hormone Therapies Safe?

There have been many studies performed on the safety of hormone therapy. The latest research indicates that there may be risk associated with synthetic hormone therapy. However, bioidentical hormone therapy has been used for decades without any indication that they are unsafe. Therefore, BioHarmony Medical only uses bioidentical hormone therapies.

It should be noted that long-term studies have not been conducted on hormone therapy. Patients should weigh the risk of taking hormones compared to the benefits. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine has actively worked with a multitude of medical authorities to determine the safety of hormone therapies. As a result of the overwhelming success using bioidentical hormones, it has become a recommended treatment for patients with hormone deficiencies.

I have no sex drive. What can BioHarmony Medical do to help?

Sex drive or libido issues in men and women are very common with age. Libido can be corrected naturally in men and women by balancing your body’s biochemistry including hormones, brain, cardiovascular and metabolic systems. It is unfortunate that people are inundated with erectile dysfunction commercials, medications, and other libido enhancing techniques when these issues can be addressed with natural methods.

Call Denver Bioidentical Hormones Doctor, Shauna Wright, D.O., of BioHarmony Medical to schedule your Bioidentical Hormone Therapy consultation, discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs.